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The six-stage financial planning process

Inchmead - The six stage financial planning process
The Six Stage Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning Process Explained

1. Your goals

In the initial meeting, we establish your life goals,

personal circumstances, aspirations and concerns.

We’ll discuss your objective and tell you more

about how we work, as both individual advisers

and as a company. We’ll explain how our charges

work and ensure that you understand our

approach before you incur any costs.

2. Your story

At this stage, we start to gather all the relevant facts

and financial information we need to enable us to

build your financial plan using our expert accountants at

Inchmead. Where we are considering

investment needs, we’ll also assess your attitude to

risk. This will help us understand how much

investment risk you are willing to take with your


3. Creating your plan

Once we have gathered all the necessary

information, we will provide you with tailored

financial recommendations for the areas that

you wish to review.

4. Presenting your plan

The next stage is to present you with your

detailed financial plan and give you time to

digest the specifics and ask any questions. After

addressing any concerns and agreeing on the

chosen strategies, we’ll assist you with the

completion of any paperwork and monitor the

process, keeping you up to date along the way.

5. Implementation

Once agreed, the financial plan can be

implemented and the strategies to help you

reach your financial goals can be put into

practice. We use secure technology to enable us

to manage your entire portfolio, regardless of

where your investments or assets are held.

6. Regular reviews

As your advisers, one of our key obligations is to

conduct a regular review of your plan to make

sure you’re on track to meet your financial goals.

During these reviews, we’ll discuss whether your

personal circumstances have changed, how the

plan has performed and whether we need to

adapt the strategy in any way. Depending on

your individual needs, you can decide on the

frequency of your reviews.

What next?

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