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The term 'partner' refers to an employee, director or consultant with the appropriate qualifications and experience to hold such a position.

Inchmead Director Graham Arnott

Graham Arnott

Partner: Complex Matters

Hybre Lewis.jpg

Hybre Lewis

Head of General Practice

Enam Khan.png

Enam Khan

Partner: London Office


Neaz Mobarok

Senior Accountant


Ayeesha Khan

Associate: General Practice

Susanna Hanks.jpg

Susanna Hanks

Partner: Complex Taxation


Jamie Shepherd

Associate: Wealth Protection

Angie Trundle.jpg

Angie Trundle

Office Administrator

Diana Chaika.jpg

Diana Chaika

Bookkeeper - General Practice

Vince Harvey.webp

Vince Harvey

Partner: Complex Regulation

& Compliance Matters

Keri Pearson.JPG

Keri Pearson

Bookeeper -  General Practice

Jennie Drean

Bookeeper -  General Practice

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