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HMRC will not handle PAYE queries during SA peak

HMRC has informed accountants and tax advisers that during the self assessment peak period, the agent dedicated line will not deal with any PAYE-related calls until February

This means that PAYE-related queries will have to be resolved using HMRC’s online services from 11 December to 31 January.

During this time agents looking for support on tax codes and allowances or those chasing a PAYE repayment should use HMRC’s online tools or post queries through the digital chat which can be accessed via

For complex PAYE-related queries only, agents can request a call-back from an HMRC adviser. Agents request this by using the digital assistant on

‘Agents should make clear it is an agent contact in the webchat and that they are requesting a call-back for a complex PAYE query,’ HMRC stressed.

The reduction in helpline services is part of HMRC’s long-term strategy to reduce use of phone calls to advisers, which are expected to be cut by 30% by the end of 2024.

It is understood that HMRC will revert to normal service at the end of the self assessment season.

‘We fully expect normal service to resume once the SA deadline has passed,’ HMRC said at the end of the agent update.


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