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  • Tina Martin

Setting Up the Perfect Home Office Space Is Easier Than You Think

By Tina Martin -

Statistics from NimbleFins show that “in 2019 there were 5,867,800 businesses in the UK, of which 5,824,500 are considered "small businesses." And the pandemic will no doubt tack on to that thanks to the boom in small businesses over the last 19th months.

Small businesses with few visiting customers can significantly reduce their operating costs by exploring home-based office options. According to a career guide from, benefits include less commuting time, improved work-life balance, higher productivity, and more flexibility.

Working from home, however, has its own challenges. Home-based business owners may want to consider the options outlined in this guide from Inchmead.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a New Home for Your Office

If you're a small start-up and intend to grow, buying a new home with increased space and in a better location might be a good option. In most cases, buying property is an excellent long-term investment. It builds equity, and you're investing in an asset for yourself. Low interest rates also make this an appealing option when it comes to finding favourable loan terms.

If you choose to buy, you can also add to the property as your business grows, and renovate it to meet your needs. Disadvantages include high up-front costs, prepaid interest on the mortgage, and less mobility if you want to move your business.

Factors to Consider When You Turn Your Home Into Office Space

If investing in a new home for your business is too daunting, another option is to renovate your existing home to meet your office space needs. This can increase the value of your home if you're clear about expectations and what you intend to achieve. Make sure you get several construction cost estimates and research residential zoning requirements with your local government if you're going to receive clients on the premises.

Tips for Redesigning Your Existing Home Office Space

Your needs and budgets change all the time, and redesigning your existing office space might be the best solution for you. If you're going to spend more time in your home office, reevaluating your work area and making simple changes can increase your productivity and overall enjoyment.

Put function first; after all, it's a professional space. Offices need plenty of natural light; however, warm white LED bulbs can create a similar feel. Set up your office in an area away from high traffic and noise so you won't be easily distracted.

Desks with plenty of drawer space and floating shelves can keep your office looking neat and organized. Thoroughly research your technology needs and look around the house for furniture that can be refurbished in a smart way.

Create Your Own Work from Home Success Story

When you decide to use your home as your business office, you can take control of your work environment by researching available options and choosing the one that best suits your needs and budget.


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