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Inchmead to assist UK lighting manufacturer with Complex Impact of Brexit & EU.

Inchmead’s Complex Matters Team, headed up by Graham Arnott, has been engaged with a UK lighting manufacturer to assist with the complex impact of Brexit on their business and their dealings with the European Union after 1 January 2021. Inchmead, a proposed member of INAA are working with INAA’s partner firm, Bornhausen Consulting, in Frankfurt. Brexit will have a far-reaching impact on the business, including VAT and cross-border movements of goods, transfer pricing and place of substantial economic activity, all of which need to be considered very carefully to find the best business model for the client and their pan-European business.

“Working with partner firms is really exciting for us. Inchmead have always wanted to deal with clients around the corner but also around the world and INAA allows us to do that. Having access to some of the best regional firms creates such a great opportunity for us.” Says Graham Arnott, Inchmead’s Complex Matters Partner.


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Unknown member
Apr 08, 2021

How exactly are these (Accounting Worx/Inchmead) incompetent arseholes helping with this project? I have been involved with Accounting Worx/Inchmead, by providing UK investment to Marcello Developments {UK} Ltd., for the past 5 years. I (along with many other investors) have spent the last four years trying to recover our investments. Accounting Worx/Inchmead/Jade State Wealth (i.e. Graham Arnott) were the "Security Trustee", "Administer of the Loan", "First Point of Administration of the Loan" with legal "charge of the Debenture. Charge code 0942 1841 0002". We, the investors, are still hoping they will fulfill their legal commitment to secure the return of all investments along with interest and compensation for delay/inconvenience.

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